The Peace Train's "Transcending Barriers" project in 2018.

From May through July of 2018, The Peace Train team worked with our partner in Mexico, Promotora de las Bellas Artes, to plan and stage a cross-border initiative. Over 250 singers and supporters from both sides of the California-Mexico border worked together to build understanding, respect and friendships through the power of music. The events are part of the Centenary celebration of the life and values of Nelson Mandela. 

On July 21, The Peace Train's founders from South Africa, Sharon Katz and Nonhlanhla Wanda, and American leaders Marilyn Cohen and Wendy Quick, led the Californian group across the border at San Ysidro, all wearing The Peace Train's Transcending Barriers T-shirts. They were met on the Tijuana side by their Mexican counterparts from Promotora de las Bellas Artes. With support from Marshalls from the City of Tijuana, the two groups linked arms and sang together as they paraded from the border to the gorgeous performing arts building, Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT).

At CECUT, the groups enjoyed workshops, rehearsals and a friendship meal together. Then at 6:00 PM, they gave a grand performance on the Esplanade of CECUT to over 500 families and received a standing ovation. 

As a further celebration of Nelson Mandela's life, The Peace Train band performed a rousing concert at the WorldBeat Cultural Center in Balboa Park, San Diego on July 18th, which would have been Mandela's 100th birthday. 

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The Peace Train 2017 in Northern California 

Over 100 youth and musicians from all diverse backgrounds sang and paraded through the East Bay area of California in May 2017. This project of The Peace Train focused on the hopes and rights of all children, especially those from Latina, African American, migrant and immigrant families. Students, teachers and families from Sacramento, San Pablo, Oakland and Berkeley traveled on the BART for this project and gave concerts at schools, train stations and public parks to make their voices heard.  The singers and musicians of La Pena Community Chorus joined The Peace Train's band for this special event.  

The Peace Train 2016 Tour Across America: Putting the "United" back in the USA 

In these challenges times of divisive rhetoric and racial strife in the USA, thousands joined together in July 2016 to sing about their shared values and their hopes for social justice. This American tour was modeled on The Peace Train's highly successful projects for Nelson Mandela in South Africa. (To learn more, watch the trailer of the award-winning film made about The Peace Train: )

The USA tour featured a diverse group of 140 youth & adult singers from all across America, backed up by the Grammy-nominated band of Sharon Katz & The Peace Train ( Additional singers of all ages joined the performances when The Peace Train arrived in each city.

Along its journey, The Peace Train picked up performers from coast-to-coast as well as out to Hawai'i in the Pacific Ocean and Puerto Rico in the Atlantic Ocean. Special guest Nonhlanhla Wanda, who co-founded The Peace Train in South Africa with Sharon Katz, also joined for the US tour. 

The East Coast leg of The Peace Train's journey included stops in New York City, Jersey City, Trenton, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC with a culminating performance at the Washington Monument on July 17 followed by a celebration of our mentor, Nelson Mandela, at the South African Embassy in DC.


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